[Mixtape]:Rukus(@rukuslive) – Lucy’s Volume 1 (LV1) [Mixtape] + The News


LV1 is here.
Rukus releases his highly anticipated mixtape
entitled Lucy’s Volume 1 (LV1) . The mixtape is a
combination of unreleased tracks and freestyles, and
includes 2 instant classic tracks that shook the hip-
hop landscape and garnered over 50,000 combined
downloads in “The List” and “Enigma”. From the
soul-stirring intro song “Famished” , to the conscious
outro, “The News” , Rukus provides a pure
unadulterated hip-hop mixtape – no BS, no pangolo
music on this one. The mixtape should tide his fans
over until the release of his highly anticipated cross-
over project The Hunger 2 which will feature a
combination of hip-hop, afro-beat, and many more
surprises, videos and features.
As a sample, Rukus provides the outro track of the
mixtape, “The News” which features him waxing
poetic on the issues we see on the evening news and
across Nigeria.

The News

Lucy’s Volume 1 (LV1) [Mixtape]

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