“How I Make Love With My Husband?” – Oge Okoye Talks Tough

There are certain personal information that should remain personal. But a reporter with entertainment express fails to appreciate this fact in a recent chat with sexy Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye.

As the chat progresses, it appears the guy is more interested in getting out sexual-related infos from the married actress than anything else. Here is a brief part of what transpired:

So how do you relieve when you have feelings?

– “What kind of feelings are you talking about?”

Sexual feelings, to be specific

– “I think that is my personal life. What kind of questions are you asking me? I think you will soon ask me how I make love with my husband. Basically, that is my personal life and I think personal things should remain personal.”

Some reporters ehn… Imagine the kind of question he was asking.. Some other celebrities ll have said some trashy things to make headlines.
I agree with Oge Okoye on this one. Pls leave her bedroom issues for her *drops mic*

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“Mercy Johnson Is Not My Type” – Tonto Dikeh Blasts

Highly controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, who recently had a messy fightwith star actress Mercy Johnson, has confirmed the rift.

Tonto Dikeh who claims Mercy Johnson is not just her type, said she had let go of everything that transpired between them.

In a recent interview, when questioned on why she chose not to attend Mercy Johnson’swedding, here is what the actress said:

“That’s not the reason I didn’t attend her wedding. “It’s surprising, why people think you just have to be everybody’s friend.

“In the industry, I don’t know half of the producers and I work for them,I don’t even know half of my colleagues but I work with them. “I kiss and hug them on set. We flow, we enjoy the friendship on set based on the energy and connection that exists between myself and the next person on set but that does not mean we are friends in the real sense of it. You can’t just be a friend to everybody, it’s a normal thing. Mercy Johnson is not just my friend.”

When asked about a serious fight she allegedly had with Mercy Johnson, here is what the actress said:

“Even if I had, I had let go everything. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore. Everybody is doing well, it’s just because we are not close. We only did about two or three movies together. We have never been close friends.”

Hmmmn…. *Lip Sealed*

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How A Man Forced His Wife To Drink Petrol & Set Her Ablaze In Aba

Pandemonium broke out in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State at the weekend when a man set his wife ablaze for complaining to her sister-in-law on phone about the husband’s alleged maltreatment . The suspect later reported himself to the police.

The man, whose name was given as Ndubuisi Okafor, a trailer driver, who hails from Amawbia, Awka in Anambra State, had allegedly been having quarrels with the wife for sometime now.

Okafor, who owns two trailers, was reportedto have severally accused her wife of being too religious which he claimed, prevented him from making good money. He was alleged to have even destroyed the wife’s Bible. A source revealed that two days to theincident, the woman, Chinyere, 40, who hailed from Obingwu Asa in Ukwa West Local Government of Abia State, had complained to the husband that she was sick and needed initially money to buy somedrugs, which the husband refused.

This prompted Chinyere to call her sister-in-law on phone to complain about it and other related issues which did not go down well with the man. Okafor, according to the source, later gave the wife money for the drugs and travelled to Port Harcourt. When Okafor came back from his journey the following day he met his wife cooking and went inside the kitchen to confront her over the phone call to his sister. The man did not accept his wife’s explanations. He allegedly pounced on his wife, who had three boys for him and attacked her.

After beating the wife to stupor, Okafor allegedly forced her to drink some litres of fuel, poured some on her body before dumping his wife, into a big rubber container before setting her ablaze. Neighbours who were attracted to the apartment by the woman’s cry for help broke into their flat, put out the fire before rushing the lady to hospital. The first hospital she was taken to rejected her due to the high degree of burns she sustained.

But it was at the Living Word Mission Hospital where she was admitted and given first aid treatment and referred to UNTH, Enugu. It was on their way to UNTH at Osisioma, about two kilometres from the hospital, the woman died. Four hospitals allegedly rejected the body being deposited at their mortuary because it was badly damaged. When Okafor learnt the wife had died, he reported himself to the Timber Police Station where he reportedly told the police it was his wife that set herself ablaze.

Relations of the deceased are alleging that the man killed their sister for rituals.
According to the woman’s elder sister, Nkechinyere Nwogu, “before the incident, Okafor had severally told my sister he needed money at all costs and that the wife had been the stumbling block, and he even destroyed her Bible.

“Presently, we the family members don’t know where the bodyof my sister is because four hospitals rejected her body to be deposited in their mortuary due to its very bad state.”

When our correspondent visited 45 Azubuike Street by Uratta /Express junction residence of the couple, the building was deserted by their neighbours over fear of massive arrest by the police. As at Press time, the suspect was still being detained at the Timber Police Station.

Source- SunNewsOnline

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